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yunho + baby 

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Ti Amo PB BTS - Yunho with a baby.

17 more Ti Amo video bts cuts :

[Scan] TVXQ! Photobook "TVXQ! TI AMO" - P1

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This is what scientists call, the “Cause and Effect" rule. 

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TVXQ! Photo Book ‘TI AMO TVXQ!’ Preview

140711 | Yunho’s "Diary of Night Watchmen" Interview (trans: mug_ping).

Q: Predicted ratings for “Diary of Night Watchmen”?
Yunho: I don’t know. But it seems like the ratings will do well, I dreamed a good dream, you know.
Q: What kind of dream was it?
I dreamed about a baby tiger. I had a dream about a baby tiger making “growling growling” rumbling sounds, the baby tiger was looking at the sky and kept making “growling growling” rumbling sounds, and in my own way, I thought, “isn’t this a good dream?” and it feels like.. there was a light appearing. So I thought, “wouldn’t a good result appear?”
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