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Singer-actor Yunho, starring in the MBC drama “The Night Watchman,” is receiving praise from viewers for perfectly portraying his character Moosuk.

In the 22nd episode, aired on Tuesday, Yunho was able to naturally convey his character’s delicate emotions in various situations.


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Yunho has succeeded in settling the controversy over his acting ability by equipping himself with stable acting with constant endeavor.
He debuted in ‘Heading to the Ground’ (2009) and created a stir over his acting by some.

Now there isn’t bitter criticism anymore unlike his beginner days’ unnatural handling of gaze and unstable vocalization.
Moreover, in Night Watchmen’s Journal where he is starring presently, Jung Yunho is taking the lead in breaking the prejudice against idol actors with his natural acting while immersing himself in the character he plays as the episodes progress.

In episode 20 of MBC’s ‘Night Watchmen’s Journal’ that aired on 7th, it showed Park SooJong declaring regency due to KiSan gun’s madness.

Therefore, KiSan gun sent a secret letter to his only trusty retainer, MooSuk.
In the letter, he asked for protection saying, “I am under detention due to the treason of Park SooJong. But no one is preserving the integrity of the king.”

MooSuk headed to the palace without any hesitation. 
Cho SanHeon tried to dissuade MooSuk telling him that night watchmen are to protect the royals and the people from the ghosts and therefore, they can’t get involved in politics.
But MooSuk chose his loyalty for the king over the duty as a night watchman saying, “I am the king’s retainer before being a night watchman. I will fulfill my duty as a retainer.”

However, MooSuk was betrayed by the king he trusted.
KiSan gun explained that he got a promise for his life from Park SooJong in exchange for MooSuk and thus made MooSuk feel futile.
MooSuk made viewers feel sad when he got fatally wounded and fell to the ground with his eyes flushed with tears.

In this episode, Jung Yunho as MooSuk acted the sad & lonely loyalty toward the king so vividly and doubled the degree of concentration for the drama as a result.
Yunho acting as MooSuk sorrowfully grasped viewers’ attention when he showed charisma when giving a fierce warning toward his uncle (Park SooJong), who declared regency to become a king himself, but gave his life without a word upon the king’s order.

Especially, the highlight is the part where Yunho expressed MooSuk’s tragic/ horrible feelings in a sense of emptiness and futility, with his tearful eyes.
Jung Yunho has developed as a good example of an idol & actor, freeing himself from restraints in controversy over acting.
Now that Yunho is developing/ progressing delightedly/ heartwarmingly, the focus is on his walk of life in the future.

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